by Mark Abraham

         Based on what was covered in the first part of this article, many people mistake intelligence for civilization. Yet as we know, the primitive people had the intelligence to invent the wheel and controlled fire that so superbly has contributed to human progress, but they were not refined enough to be civilized. Simply, being intelligent and being refined and thus civil and civilized are two totally different things. It is refinement that molds down human thoughts, discourse and deeds and instills decency in humans that render them truly civilized, and not intelligence. In ideal circumstances, one needs not one or the other, but both to qualify as a fully-developed mature and civilized human. This is so because refinement and moral virtue alone distinguishes humans from the beast and the more of them one has the more developed and evolved human one becomes. For, it is human intellect that separates humans from the beast, and intellect consists of the two distinct segments of the Utilitarian Intellect and the Behavioral Intellect or Moral Virtue. To this we shall return.

Lacking refinement they could not have developed a sense of rights and well being of others that is the essence of being civilized. Even today many people in all societies lack respect refinement enough to make them respect the right of the others. Prisons filled with hard criminals in every society proves this fact, such violations had to be much more prevalent as we move deeper into history.

Thus, liking something would lead to claiming it, regardless of who was the rightful owner of the object of their desire that could only result in conflicts and violence. Not logic or principle, but brute force would settle the right of ownership, just as is the case with animals, either they impose or are imposed upon. For example, you can never reason with an alligator not to snatch a baby dear while it is trying to quench a pressing thirst in a mid summer day by drinking from a river in Africa. You can only stop them by a superior force. That is how these primitive people reasoned and acted and that is the logic they understood and applied. No matter what how good of their invention was and regardless of how much such inventions have contributed to our progress, they disqualify to be labeled as being civilized.

Thus, no sound reasoning, a sense of justice or fairness, but the raw, blind and unmitigated selfish instincts were the only driving forces that set them in motion and they acted. Yet instincts are the only force that also sets the beasts in motion and dictates how they relate to other beasts. Hence, being innovative has nothing to do with being refined, civil and civilized. Pragmatism and creativity stems from humans’ Utilitarian Intellect, but being just, fair, civil and civilized is totally a different thing that stems from the Moral Intellect. And it is this portion of human intelligence that truly distinguishes man from the beast. It is so because, other beings present some degree of applied intelligence, but none of them show any sign of Moral Intellect that makes it unique to our species. Even Charles Darwin stated that the biggest difference between humans and animals is the existence of the sense of morality in humans, and its absence in all the rest of beings. However, not all humans enjoy it to the same degree and some are totally devoid of it. Thus, civility and civilization is to be observed in the realm of ethics, fairness, justice, kindness, compassion and human decency at large that is exclusive to civilized people.

Often our intelligence and creativity not only does not contribute to human civility, but it magnifies the animal in man. This is covered in the article titled as, “The Growing Imbalance in Human Mind,” and more in depth in the book, “Meet your Mind, Vol. I.” In a nutshell, the contrasting natures of the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts in human mind result in a growing divide between them with the progression of time. And as humans’ collective intellect grows more able, because it empowers our instincts in their pursuits, it profoundly magnifies the effects of our primitive instincts in our conduct. Instinct being the only force that governs the world of animals, is the essence of being animal. Because of this trend human intelligence and creativity magnifies the animal in humans. Besides what has been covered so far, there are other reasons why industrialization can never be taken for being civilized...


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