by Mark Abraham

       All beings are either polygamous or monogamous and behave accordingly. The one exception is humans who are both polygamous and monogamous simultaneously. This vast difference stems from the fact that all animals are governed by a single polar mind consisting of instincts alone, as compared to the human mind which is bipolar and consists of instincts plus intellect.  Some animals display limited intelligence that is negligible compared to human intelligence.   Therefore, instincts alone drive every brand of animal behavior that includes their sexuality. 
       Frequently in humans these mental forces pursue not only different, but also opposite objectives.  For example, all instincts selfishly seek self-gratification regardless of all else, but humans’ Moral Intellect opposes blindly pursuing immoral pleasure.  Thus, each instinct commands the sorts of action required to produce their pertinent pleasure and satisfaction which contradict the values established through the reasoning faculty.  This strong polygamous inclination induced by the instinct of sexuality on the one hand and the coercion to adhere to monogamous principles devised through the application of human intellect and reasoning on the other hand, becomes the cause of this human duality and sexual confusion.    
          Being instinctively polygamous is self-evident and one can demonstrate it through endless real examples worldwide and throughout the history, as practicing polygamy is made constitutional in a large part of the world.  Yet, in an even larger part of the world this practice is strictly forbidden in order to suppress it and to promote monogamy instead.  However, studies show that in both cases a noticeable percentage of humans either openly and/or clandestinely strive for more than one sexual partner through infidelity or allowed polygamy. 
          Virtually all-adult humans in both categories eagerly commit themselves to life- long pair bonding through the institution of marriage.  This strictly regulates all humans’ sexual activities in some fashion, either one man with a woman, or one man with a few women.  Homosexuality as another version of sexuality perceived as being out of the ordinary was kept hidden up until recently.  However, frequently breaking this bond in pursuit of immediate sexual gratification through infidelity by many is a rebellious act which goes against the rules devised through the application of human reasoning and intellect.  To observe the potency of this drive we need to notice that many people aware of the consequences still commit adultery and suffer humiliating capital punishment by being stoned to death in some Islamic societies.  By no means has this severe reaction to this behavior been limited to Islamic culture alone, but rather all cultures have devised different versions of such punishments for those who commit adultery; largely pointed at women incidentally. Despite that, however, the fact that all religions which are thousands of years old and cover the whole world strictly forbid adultery proves that this behavior has been universal and timeless that has required all religions to deal with it.  Thus, it is self-evident that the instinct of sexuality dictates polygamy, but the principles devised through the intellect mandate the opposite, monogamy, and this renders humans as the only beings that are sexually confused...

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