by Mark Abraham

      The fatigued term, politics, is the most used, but least understood phenomenon.  Ask a hundred people to explain their understanding of this term and you will get a hundred different answers.  Even the definitions in dictionaries cover only a fraction of what politics is all about. Thus, what is covered in this article sharply contrasts the fussy notion many have acquired of this tem, politics, and it requires a paradigm shift for this new understanding of politics to make sense. Improperly understanding certain terms often lead to misconduct, here it contributes to human conflicts at all levels.  To start with, politics is not just a profession for the few in each society, but it is a brand of conduct unique to humans that starts in early childhood. For example, a child asks for something from one parent.  Often, when declined, they try to catch the other parent in the absence of the parent who declined the request to ask for the same thing again, hoping to trick them and to impose submission. This is politics in practice by a four year old child. Thus, the term needs to be re-defined for it to cover its entire domain.  Only then do we see why Aristotle called man a “political animal.” 
       Humans’ social disposition tightly intertwines their interests and often the gain of one becomes the loss of another, or others. Humans’ permanent selfishness induced by each of the 17 instincts urges people to gain at each other’s expense, through imposed conditions.  As humans are charged by varying instincts to impose their will and interest on others, against their will and interest, the targeted victims try to repel all such attempts for self preservation. 
       As practical beings, usually humans take the path of the least resistance to achieve all their objectives. Stealth and deception, as the most effective tools of imposition, are employed as the first step. Lying, misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, boycott, isolation, manipulation, intimidation and corruption are some of the tools of imposition.  Depending on the importance of the objectives pursued, and as the resistance by the targeted victims stiffens, the more serious and obvious means are employed in imposition. If all of such means and ways fail to produce the desired result, then brute force is employed and thus, one can claim war is an extension of politics as the ultimate means of imposition. Where animals use fangs, claws, venom, speed and brute force to subdue and devour their prey, humans use politics to impose conditions that also includes the use of brute force.
       Trying to impose any condition on anyone, for any reason, requires creativity, contemplation and planning, all of which are supplied through the Utilitarian Intellect.  The sole function of this portion of intellect is find ways and means to achieve objectives.  The means and ways used to accomplish such goals are, in fact, trickery and politicking in practice usually intended to violate the rights and the well being of others to advance one’s own causes.  These goals pursued by politicking are the filth in politics that renders it the least desirable of all human traits. Excluding the use of politics, to state and states people, we no longer observe it as a mode of conduct unique to our species that is applied by all humans against each other everywhere and all the time. So prevalent is this conduct that one can never find any two humans, in any human assembly, at any capacity, large and small, who relate to one another in the total absence and vacuum of politics and politicking.  However, the more distanced the relationship among the people becomes, the more cold, calculated and brutal the nature of their imposition becomes...


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