Questions and Comments for Fun and Contemplation
By: Mark Abraham

This text will prepare you to Meet Your Mind, and to rediscover yourself.

Meet Your Mind, or The Interaction between Instincts and Intellect and Their Impact On Human Behavior provides you with an accurate inventory of your mental forces. Knowing that your mind consists of both instincts and intellect, you need to know how they interact and the role of each on your daily life. All your likes, dislikes, inclinations and disinclinations stem from the joint function of your instincts and intellect. Not knowing this you can never fully grasp yourself, not to mention others. All the thinkers of the past being so fascinated by human intellect have studied humanity from the standpoint of intellect alone. Thus, they have largely ignored the great role our powerful and primitive instincts play in all human affairs. Yet, it is our instincts that drive our conduct more forcefully than does our intellect. 

The three instincts of aggression, sexuality and the maternal feelings are universally accepted and this study introduces 14 more each of which induces its own brand of behavior. Ignoring this force has created a missing link in studying humans and that is responsible for this lingering human enigma. Placing this missing link in its rightful place in human study, however, provides a more complete picture of man, solves good many of human mysteries and renders man naked, so to speak.

Through this you will understand virtually every aspects of humanity in yourself and others categorized in the following realms: 1- you will observe the growing imbalance between your progressing intellect and stagnant instincts and will observe its profound implications in your daily life and that of the others.  2- you will see how it impairs peoples’ intelligence and hugely marginalizes their success and happiness. 3- you will see the mental forces that render man spiritual that find reflection in different religions. 4- it will quench your curiosity about your sexuality. 5, 6 & 7- you will learn why people so enjoy arts, sports, and what makes them incurably political. You will see what mental forces induce a strong sense of ethics and morality, and what other forces in the mind erode it, and much more.  Then, instead of being controlled by these forces, you will manage them and will boost your wisdom, secure more success and happiness by mastering this concept. We guarantee that this will educate, entertain, challenge and intrigue you. We also guarantee that this will help students in the fields of psychology, sociology, theology, political science, philosophy, fine arts, sports and human sexuality to graduate with great ease and a much deeper understanding of any of these subjects.

1. Because the human intellect used to achieve objectives avails itself to accomplish both good and evil goals unconditionally, it lacks personality and character. (Mark Abraham)
2. The Wright Brothers used their intellect to invent the airplane that has served man immensely; Bin Laden used his to convert this same inventing to savage 3800 innocent lives. It served both unconditionally. (Mark Abraham)
3. If humans are intelligent, why the world has lived without wars only 41 days in the past 5000 years; and if not, how did we land on the moon? (Mark Abraham)
4. To be friends you need no reason, but to be enemies, you must have a good reason.(Mark Abraham)
5. To like someone, you must genuinely honor and respect them, for honor and love is solely worthy of the honorable. (Mark Abraham)
6. If humans are monogamous, why is there so much infidelity in marriages; and if polygamous, why are there so many rules against it worldwide? (Mark Abraham)
7. If you had a choice would you choose to be, a butterfly for its beauty, or a crow for its intelligence with equal life expectancies? (Mark Abraham)
9. Every battlefield fuses man’s best with his worst, his ingenuity in weaponry, and savagery in tearing fellow humans apart. (Mark Abraham)
10. Which do you value higher, wisdom or knowledge? (Mark Abraham)







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