by Mark Abraham

     Humans worldwide have been relishing sports events for millennia and frequently these events lead to spontaneous violence among the spectators in all cultures.  What, in this frivolous act, so intrigues this purposeful and intelligent being, man, has concealed its mystery for so long. For instance, one man kicks a ball in a world cup, others chase it, and the world comes to a standstill to watch it with an undivided attention. Yet we cannot articulate this profound human fascination with these acts in this and all other sports. While being athletic keeps people fit and healthy, watching sporting events do not to justify this interest. 

      Through this study, The Interactions between Instincts and Intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior, however, we trace this human interest in sports back to its instinctive roots in humans in general, and in male humans in particular, as their primary function was hunting and warring.  To be sure, going back in history, occasionally women also have been involved in combats, but they were not testosterone driven, but out of necessity.  The profundity of the seemingly frivolous athletic activities reveals itself when we observe how it is often used in the most serious social affairs that includes politics.  One can produce many real examples of this in contemporary and ancient history that goes back to a great Roman Emperor, Vespasian, and his son Titus.  In that, they structured a huge sports arena that started with a spectacular display of athletic contests that people relished, and they admired these emperors for making that possible, and through this they consolidated their otherwise shaky power. 

       In fact, sport’s mystery is multifarious. The most profound mystery of sports rests in the fact that there have never been any written rules on what principles to observe in designing sports. Although different sports have been invented in different parts of the world, and in different times in the course of thousands of years, three skills are at the core of each and every sport.  This becomes the common denominator of all sports and it seems as if it can only be explained through a particular human instinct.  This universally uniform rule in sports endows it some scientific attributes and thus, lends it to a scientific scrutiny and deepen our appreciation of sports and produce even better athletes.  It might also help to prevent the frequent violence that occur at the end of many sports events.  Interestingly, such violence happen when teams play against each other such as soccer, football and so on, and never in individual contests such boxing or wrestling.

       We can trace man’s interest in sports to the very forces that originally drove male humans to hunt and to fight. Hunting and warring, which is a form of hunting as primary instinctive functions of primitive men, are at the root of this intense male fascination in sport.  The three skills of aiming, speed and brute power, and/or endurance, are at the core of every sport without any exception...


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