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"we quest educating people worldwide on the inner forces that mold their personality, behavior and decisions, and show them that a particular mental force innately erodes the intelligence of all humans. thus, all humans use only a fraction of their intelligence that impairs their success and hinders their happiness. the tests we offer will measure the strength of each of these pertinent mental forces and we will show them how to stop this erosion to boost their intelligence, achieve more success in their personal and corporate environments and lead a happier life. we strive for increasing the ambient human intelligence and happiness worldwide."



This new online test is structured on a new research and theories from a unique perspective, 25 years in the making. It presents a new way of observing the mind that clearly manifests itself in human personality and behavior. This perspective provides us with a unifying theory of the mind by introducing the diverse forces that jointly command everything each human does. This depicts a clear picture of the most profound human interests in vastly different realms of arts, sports, spirituality, politics, and philosophy of the mind, humans’ unique and complex sexuality and how the body and mind interface. Up until now the effects of instincts on human personality and behavior have been largely ignored. This justifies our claim that this perspective is uniquely different from all the studies conducted on this subject so far. Yet every commands of every human deed is issued by the joint function of instincts and intellect. The affects of instincts on human personality and behavior is largely neglected, if not totally ignored. This renders this stud alone as a unifying theory of the mind through which every aspect of human endeavors is explained, individually and collectively. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that this is the only study that presents a holistic picture of what it is to be human.

The qualification of the members that will bring this study to the public is equally as important as the study itself. Thus, the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee besides satisfying the academic requirements, each has a strong unique attribute that lends itself perfectly well for this task as their biographies show. Each of these scientists and a few more yet to join us come from a different background. Collectively they will represent the two genders, different races, languages, religions and cultures. Despite these vastly diverse backgrounds they agree that while humans’ ethnic identities divide people, human instincts and intellect are totally impervious to all such differences and they are one and the same from the standpoint of human instincts and intellect that are the building blocks of every human’s personality and behavior.

The third element is the unique interests and achievements of each of these distinguished scientists. Because this study covers the most important of human endeavors such as religions, art, sport, politics, human sexuality and so on, we needed different scientists who has a passion for each of these subjects within their discipline. So, each member of our scientific committee is chosen for his or her deep interest and knowledge that most of the rest of the applicants lacked.


Mark Abraham came to America as a foreign student in 1973 learning English as his third language. Determined to identify the hidden causes of perpetual human conflicts, he acquired two degrees in international politics by 1982. Not finding his answers there, he devoted his post-graduate studies to studying philosophy and psychology, he hoped that he might find some hints there, but in vain.

Then, Mark realized that all the thinkers, being so fascinated by human intellect and reasoning, had studied humans almost exclusively from the standpoint of intellect alone. Yet it is human's blind and blinding instincts that drive every aspect of human conduct. Ignoring this mental element in studying humans has created a missing link and this is responsible for most of the persisting human enigmas.
The three instincts of aggression, sexuality and the maternal instinct are universally accepted. Mark has identified 14 more instincts each of which drives a particular mode of human behavior. Although his research was aimed at identifying the hidden causes of perpetual human conflict, the study unveiled a great deal more.

Mark prides himself in his pioneering and findings, some of which are sampled below:

        He has learned that instincts by nature are unchanging, unchangeable, stagnant, one-dimensional and primitive by nature, as compared to intellect that is multidimensional, dynamic and grows exponentially in time.

        The contrasting natures of the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts have resulted in a growing imbalance in the mind. The profound implications of this in our personal and professional lives, and in the future of human civilization, cannot be exaggerated.

From this perspective, all human affairs divide into two distinct categories, behavior and achievement. Our behavior is driven mostly by our unchanging instincts, while our achievements are accomplished through our intellect. This mental imbalance irrefutably manifests itself in human's uneven social evolution. In that, our behavior largely remains unchanged as humans continue to cheat, lie, steal, kill and fight wars as our distanced ancestors did millennia past, but our scientific and technological achievements advance in leaps and bounds.

Mark has also found that the primitive instinct is a drag on humans’ growing intellect. In that, our blinding instincts blur our reasoning faculty, distort our decision-making and lead all of us to repeated unjustifiable mistakes.  Mark has published his findings in six books and has published numerous articles.  For the past three years, Mark has been trying to convert this philosophy of the mind into a behavior theory, “The Triple “I” Theory,” presented in his two websites, the other being www.meetyourmind.com. Mark’s passion for this subject has driven him to devote himself to these studies for the past 25 years, excluding his formal education. Based on this study, in 2012 Mark founded his company, Happiness in Wisdom, LLC. that offers this online test to measure clients’ instincts.  He has applied for a patent on the concept and the means and ways of measuring instincts.  Understanding this concept enables one to consciously manage this unconscious mental trend, boost one’s intelligence and render it fully functional.

Using this understanding of how the mind works, Mark also has written four screenplays that he will start marketing them after he gets of the current projects out of the way. They are: 1) The Man Who Attended His Own Funeral, 2) The Birth of a Giant, 3) The New World Order I, and 4) The New World Order II.

Mark invented an item in 1987, the patent number, 4,647,102. Then, he founded a small manufacturing company, MECO Manufacturing Comp., which produced and distributed this product. He has also been in the corporate environment for much of his adult life.


Dr. Nehzat Farnoody Ph.D.

is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in Cross-Cultural Psychology. Dr. Farnoody was accepted in to the Masters program in Clinical Psychology at Kansas University in 1969 in United States as one of the top students. In 1975 she acquired her Ph.D. in 1975 from USIU (an APA accredited program) in San Diego.

She was recruited by Tehran University and functioned as Associate Professor, Chair of Psychology Department, Director of Clinical Counseling Center and was as an active member of the University Assembly where she taught at JSU from 1975 to 1980.

Dr. Farnoody has provided over 20 years of community service here in Los Angeles, in an effort to raise awareness on Mental Health, and has hosted several Media Literacy programs in helping families cope with cross-cultural conflicts. From 1989 to 1992 Dr. Farnoody hosted radio and television programs on psychological topics interactively with her wide audiences. Her practical solutions for peoples’ problems increasingly widened her popularity and to comply with this growing demand, she increased her programs from 1995 to 2001 and complemented that with publishing numerous articles in varying newspapers and magazines in California.

In 1999 the Mayor of Los Angeles appointed her as the “Incredible Woman Making History” for serving her community in Los Angeles. Dr. Farnoody has a passion for raising awareness on women’s rights issues.

Dr. Farnoody has given over 200 seminars, conferences, and has given many lectures on psychological and socio-cultural topics such as: Successful Relationships, Parenting, Healthy Families, Healthy Societies, The Psychology of Democracy, Psychology of Love, Emotional Intelligence and several other topic. Since 1986 Dr. Farnoody has been guest lecturer to prestigious Universities such as Brown University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, John Hopkins University, and several others. Because of her profound passion for the subject of human psychology she always studies the new findings and theories on the subject.

Dr. Farnoody has published well over 100 articles in popular magazines in two different languages and has produced several CDs to comply with the demand of her vast audiences on topics such as ABCs of parenting, Emotional Vitamins, Self-Esteem, From Narcissism to Love and Intimacy and more... Dr. Farnoody is the author of the popular book 'ABCs of Parenting', and has translated several books to English such as 'Man’s Search for Meaning', 'Todd', and 'Crisis'.

Dr. Farnoody’s unrelenting curiosity on the psychology of spirituality has urged her to explore the psychology of religion, what compels religion, how it fragments humans into hostile spiritual tribes and how it can be fixed.

Besides Dr. Farnoody’s commendable achievements her quest to explain the psychology of faith distinguished her from most of the rest of the applicants who applied for this position. Hence, Happiness in Wisdom invited her to join this committee and we are pleased that she accepted to join us.



Also known as Dr. Ray, Bahman Rezaipour, PhD is an Iranian-American psychologist with profound interests in psychological growth on both individual and societal levels. While working in the public sector as a clinical psychologist providing traditional assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, he has been a serious advocate for an utterly deprived population with serious mental health issues under his care.
Dr. Rezaipour was born in Iran and migrated to the US in 1990. Prior to obtaining a PhD in psychology from the California Graduate Institute in 1998 (currently the Chicago School of Professional Psychology), he acquired a Master’s of Art Degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution Management at the California State University- Dominguez Hills. He achieved a Magna Cum Laude, an honor very few students achieve. A Bachelor’s of Science degree in Counseling Services was awarded to him with a similar designation.
Recognizing that no true change can be sustained without deep knowledge, Dr. Rezaipour currently works on his theory of psychological, re-birth, a concept that focuses on personal growth by understanding and overcoming individual, collective, and universal obstacles that alienate humans from their true nature.
As the main instrument of assessment for his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Rezaipour has extensively studied and reviewed the Big Five Theory on personality and behavior assessment. Since then, he has been studying all the new studies on this subject. He found this new study, The Interactions Between Instincts and intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior, uniquely different on which Happiness in Wisdom is structured. Thus, Happiness in Wisdom, LLC becoming aware of Dr. Rezaipour’s unique qualification invited him to join our Scientific Advisory Committee, and we are honored to have him in as a distinguished member of our organization.
Dr. Rezaipour has provided live seminars as well as appearances on many TV shows.



Dr. Brad Thomason received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in 1993. He did his internship at University of Southern California Medical School-Los Angeles County Hospital. He then did a post-doctoral fellowship at Emory University Medical School. He stayed on at Emory for six years following his fellowship as an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine. He moved to New York City in 2000, where he worked for five years as a Project Director/Clinical Supervisor at Hunter College’s Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training. He has consulted on research projects at Columbia-Presbyterian and Cornell Medical Center as well. He now has a private practice in Manhattan. In addition, Brad is a professional actor with numerous film, television and theatre credits.

It is not often that one finds a professional artist who is also a psychologist. His uniquely combined attributes would be a great asset to our Scientific Advisory Committee, as this study deals with all brands of art extensively. This made him stand out among the many who applied for this position, and we are glad that he accepted our invitation to join us as a distinguished member of our organization.







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