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Consulting, Coaching and Speaking for Corporations:

This study, Meet Your Mind, 25 years in the making, is currently the only unifying theory of the mind that presents the instinctive roots of all human conduct in personal and professional realms. Understanding the strength of each of the 17 human instincts and the two segments of the human intellect, (a total of 19 different mental forces), in different people would enable you to predict future behavior and let you know what to expect of any given person. It would also show which instinct could be targeted in whom to most effectively motivate them to be the most productive. This would help you to hire the right people for any given job, than help them to function most efficiently.

Efficiency equals productivity and productivity equals revenue.

On another level, this study reveals a growing imbalance in the human mind that results from the contrasting natures of the progressive nature of human intellect and the forever stagnant and unchanging instincts. Humans’ stagnant instincts impair their applied intelligence, at all levels, and hinder the functioning ability of intelligence. The profound implications of this phenomenon cannot be exaggerated.

This study enables us to consciously manage this subconscious mental trend, to free our intelligence from the tight grip of our blinding instincts, boost our intelligence, avoid mistakes and achieve more success personally and professionally. Thus, we manage our mind instead of being managed by it. We learn what it is in the mind that renders man so combative, and how to prevent and/or resolve conflicts. It also shows what in the mind compels ethics and morality and what other mental forces erode it, enabling you to maintain a highly ethical environment. In another realm, we learn about the power of persuasion, which helps your sales force to become more persuasive and close more sales. This evolution in our understanding of the human mind creates a revolution in our potential success. Understanding this theory is indeed indispensable for executives to manage more effectively and to deal more successfully with other organizations. Please contact us for more information. You may do so on our Contact Page.

In addition, an online Personality and Behavior Assessment Test is structured on this exclusive study that identifies and measure peoples’ strongest mental forces in which the results are a compiled report which explains what sort of person this mix would make. These 19 forces constintute12,654,000x109 different personalities, and each applicant or employee is one of this great number.  Taking our online Personality and Behavior and Assessment Test not only makes an accurate assessment of peoples’ character possible, but it shows which of these forces most strongly drives each person and reveals them.  This also allows you to tailor the interview to each applicant instead of asking the same questions to everyone.  Then, we also train how to manage the strongest instincts to maximize their pleasure and minimize their potential harm.  Since all human endeavors interests and affairs stem from the mind, the same theory explains all of them and renders its benefits at consumer and corporate levels in various fashions.  The benefits for corporations include, but are not limited to, the following:

1-     Our online Personality and Behavior Assessment Test, which will help you to hire the right people that directly would increase productivity.

2-     This study shows what mental forces erode human intelligence and how it can be stopped to boost the level of your employees’ applied intelligence; intelligence equals productivity.

3-     It will also help you to understand each of your employees to most effectively motivate them to be more productive.

4-     We show what in the mind manufactures ethics and morality, and what other forces erode them which will help you to structure a sustained culture of integrity, essential for any organization.

5-     This study shows what mental forces drive humans to each other like a magnet, and what personality traits most frequently clash, resulting in hostility and conflict.  It shows how to defuse them proactively for a more harmonious and less stressful environment to boost creativity and productivity. 

6-     We will help your employees to become more sophisticated and more confidently present themselves and represent your company. 

7-     Putting all of the above together, using these scientific findings we can help you to structure a corporate culture of unity and integrity that is a sure-fire recipe for success, a dream of any corporation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  

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Consulting/Coaching for Artists and Educating Art Lovers:

Not knowing what element in the arts of painting, sculpting, architectural work, music, poetry, dancing, writing stories and acting that so attracts which mental force, and why, makes it difficult for the artists to hone on the segments of their creations that most directly appeals to the mind. However, this study by identifying what mental element longs for which brand of art, and why, solves this problem, as it also deepens art lovers appreciation of art. Due to our improper understanding of art as a phenomenon, we have been mixing all of the above arts together despite the fact that many of them share nothing in common for them to be categorized together. Then, we have been insisting on defining all arts by a single definition, of course, to no avail. The world of philosophy admits to the fact that we do not understand art well enough for us to articulate a definition for it that would be acceptable to all. From the perspective of this study art is divided into the three following distinct categories:

Rhythmic Arts

1- Rhythmic Arts, consists of both vocal and non-vocal music, poetry, dancing, certain architectural work and Persian rugs. The presence of rhythm in all of them holds their attractive power and becomes their center of gravity, so to speak, and their strong common denominators join them together in the same category of art. This category of art connects with the human mind through the instinct of rhythm.

Imitative Arts

2- Imitative Art, consists of painting, sculpting, writing, films and the art of acting. Here, artists use their skills and talent to artistically replicate that which already exists. Thus, replication and imitation becomes the focal point within this category of art, as rhythm was in the Rhythmic Arts. While the Rhythmic Art excites the instinct of rhythm, the Imitative Arts excite a particular attribute of human intellect. Due to the phenomenal inequity in the sensitivity of these corresponding mental forces of instinct and intellect, the intensity with which humans enjoy the different brands of arts vastly fluctuates, for example music versus abstract sculpture.

Abstract Arts

3- Abstract Arts, relates to a totally different instinct that pertains to color. As each category of art excites a different mental force, the intensity of the pleasure we experience is also different. Understanding this concept is essential for any sophisticated art lover and indispensable for any artist active in any realm of art. This theory on art is exclusive to this study.


Consulting, Coaching and Speaking for A deeper Understand of Religion:

Most scholars claim that the human brain is wired for religion. This unifying theory of the mind takes us deep into the human soul and reveals that it is the contradiction between instinct and intellect that molds the psychology of religion. This is what has been compelling religion for millennia in universal scale. These mental contradictions between instincts and intellect make societies hostile for human survival as a social being. Thus, either the human kind had to undergo a particular brand of evolution to adapt to this situation and survive, or they would have to perish. This has precipitated not just one brand of evolution to which all beings are subjected, but rather two parallel human evolutions. The second evolution has forced a special region in the brain to solely manufacture a strong sense of ethics, morality, justice, fairness and human decency. These traits in turn have become the building blocks of all faiths, to mitigate conflicts among humans, to make living socially possible for humans. We need to know that not human intelligence alone, but, that coupled with being social and living in relative peace have propelled human progress individually and collectively. Thus, not only that faith, (not creation), and evolution are not irreconcilable contradictions, but that they are one and the same. Hence, this notion presents faith in a totally different light to believers and nonbelievers alike. This reveals that the everlasting nature of these contradictions in the human mind that originally demanded the creation of religions also have sustained them. This provides us with an objective assessment of the future of religion. Please contact us for more information. You may do so on our 'Contact Page'.

Consulting, Coaching and Speaking for Individuals:

Learning the subjects in the different realms how to boost one’s intelligence, avoid and, or resolve conflicts, what art is and why we enjoy it, the roots of spirituality, and many more such subjects not listed here or any combination thereof, are essential for any well-educated person. A clear understanding of these otherwise vaguely understood phenomena would hugely boost one’s image among their peers. This study would make a high school graduate sound like a person who holds a degree; a bachelor’s degree holder sound like one who holds a PhD; and, any PhD holder would appear to be a head and shoulder above all the rest. This would boost their applied intelligence on the one hand and would render them well informed on the other. This would instill a superb sense of confidence and would help you excel in whatever it is that you may do. If you are interested please tell us where you are so that we can inform you when there is a seminar in your area. You may do so on our 'Contact Page'.




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