For a long time it is said that humans use only a fraction of their intelligence without ever offering an explanation telling us why this is so. Now, for the first time, this study introduces the reason for our uncultivated intelligence and shows how to defuse this innate mental suppression to boost your intelligence, achieve more success and lead a richer, happier life. This process starts with taking one of our Personality & Behavior Assessment Tests, which will identify which of these 17 mental forces most effectively wastes your intelligence and how to stop them. You can register for FREE to read the about each of the three different versions of our online tests and decide which one would be the most beneficial. The mind consists of two basic forces of instinct and intellect that jointly govern everything each person does.   The contrasting natures of the progressing intellect and the 17 stagnant instincts result in a growing imbalance in the mind.  Thus, the primitive instincts impair the applied intelligence and all humans function with less intelligence than they have within them.  This is why even the brightest of humans repeatedly blunder in real life. Each person’s strongest instincts produce his/her deepest pleasures, but also the irresistible temptations they induce lead them to their gravest mistakes, demonstrable through endless real examples.  Any one of the three Personality and Behavior Tests offered by HappinessInWisdom.com will measure the strength of each instinct, and the two segments of your intellect.  The resulting elaborate report will show you how to free your intellect from the tight grip of your instincts in order to boost your intelligence, achieve more success and lead a happier life.  It will also enable you to maximize the instinct induced pleasure and minimize their harm. 

     Simply, one cannot manage what one does not know.  Instinct is one of the least studied and most grossly misunderstood phenomena, despite its profound significance in all aspects of human life.   This study, The Interactions between Instincts and Intellect and Their Impact on Human Behavior, published in six books fills this void for the first time.  Each time you take one of our tests you will sink deeper into your own soul, identify your inner forces, measure the strength of each to manage your mind better instead of being managed by them, and gauge your progress accordingly. 

The benefits of taking these tests include, but are not limited to the following:


Q: Are You a Parent With a Wild Child?
A: Getting impulse driven adolescents involved with this study, to inject some sense into them, might prove to be the best strategy in steering them away from the serious problems they often get into. It would also help parents to better understand their specific personality traits enabling them to better communicate with them.  

Q: Did You Know That Human’s Only Use a Fraction of their Intelligence Which Means Much of Every Human’s Intelligence is Wasted?
A:  Different blinding instincts erode the intelligence of different humans and thus, everyone uses only a fraction of their intelligence.  Our online tests will identify which of your specific mental forces diminish your intelligence and how you can stop them to boost your intelligence, achieve more success and happiness.

Q: Do You Ever Wonder Why Certain People Can Work So Hard Without Making Much Progress?
A:  Instincts are the least evolved and the crudest portion of the human mind, and the strongest among them most forcefully mold each person’s personality and behavior.  Those who are not in charge of their instincts allow their instincts to define them in negative ways.  Identifying and managing them will refine your personality, render you more likeable to your associates at work and will put you on a much faster track for success.

Q: Do You Ever Wonder Why Some People Can’t Attract the Person of their Dreams?
A: Loving relationships result from properly matching personalities. The strongest of the 17 instincts mold each person’s personality.  So long as one is not aware of one’s own strongest instincts and those of a potential mate, often such pursuits are frustrated.  This study, and our tests, will show you your own mind and will help you better assess others to make more objective decisions in all aspects of life and in romance. 

Q: Do you Ever Wish that You Could Become Sophisticated and Fascinating?
A: Learning about these new and fascinating phenomena about yourself and humanity on a large, through this exclusive study, will make you both, more sophisticated and fascinating, at all levels.

Q:  Can I Expect This Study and Test to Help Me to Better Understand, Not Only Myself, But Also Others In My Life?
A: Absolutely.  Understanding this system will render you as a more objective judge of character, enabling you to assess why others in your personal and professional life behave the way they do.  Having them take this test would make such assessments even more objective.  Through that understanding, you will be able to establish more constructive relationships from which you would benefit for life.

Q:  How Could This Study and Test Help Me Lead A More Intelligent Life?
A:  This study, and online test, will show you what mental processes lead even the brightest of humans to frequent and unjustifiable mistakes, that hinder their progress in all aspects of life, and show you how you can avoid them to achieve greater success.

Q: Can You Briefly Explain How It Works?
A: This study, and online test, will show you that your strongest instincts induce your deepest pleasures and the profound temptations they induce distort your judgment and diminish your reasoning ability which lead you to your gravest mistakes.  We teach you how to maximize your pleasure and benefits and minimize your harm.

Q: Where Does the Name Of Your Company Come From, Happiness In Wisdom?
A: You will learn that humans’ strongest instincts diminish their innate intelligence and reduce it to what we call “Applied Intelligence.” This is what people commonly call “Wisdom. You will learn how to stop your instincts from wasting your innate intelligence, boost your wisdom which will help you live a much happier life, and thus you get “Happiness in Wisdom”.

Q: What Applications Does This Study Have For Corporate Environment?
A: This study, and our online tests, will help you observe what drives each person most forcefully and will enable you to deal with them most constructively, an essential tool for every employer.

Q:  Can This Test And Study Help Me With Job Interviews?
A:  Through this study, and our online tests, you will acquire an in depth understanding of what it is to be human, and after making the necessary adjustments, you will be able to present yourself as a more sophisticated person that all employers look for, regardless of what you are being interviewed for.  More importantly, it will help you consolidate your position after getting employed.  If you are a public figure, a teacher, an attorney or a manager, it will help you deal with people in the most effective fashion. 

Q: One Of The Books Is Titled “Meet Your Sexual Mind”.  What Can One Expect To Get Out Of That Book and This Study As A Whole?
A:  There is a great deal more to human sexuality than meets the eyes.  In a nutshell, our system will show what it is in the mind that leads so many to commit infidelity, which wrecks families.  At best this can help prevent this behavior, and at least it can help mitigate the pain of those who feel betrayed when it occurs to hopefully salvage your family.

Q: Can This Study Help Me Find A More Suitable Mate?
A: Taking one of these online tests, as a couple, in the early stages of relationships will help each person to see deep into the soul of the other.  In that emotionally charged state of the mind, this is essential for a more objective assessment of one another to make a more sober decision.  It will also help rekindle the romance in a long term relationship.

Q:  This Study Talks Much About Intelligence And Wisdom.  What Does It Have To Say About Human Character?
A:  In fact it has much to say about human intelligence and wisdom, and even more about human character.  This study shows what it is in the mind that manufactures a strong sense of ethics and morality, and what other mental forces erode it. It will help you to empower the first and suppress the latter, bringing out the best in yourself and in others in your personal and professional life. 

Q: Can Your Services Help Me Improve My Company In Any Way?
A: The quality of any organization does not exceed the collective quality of its members. This study will help Enhance the applied intelligence, ethics and morality of your employees and it will refine them in many different ways, and will elevate the quality of your organization to its full potentials by promoting.    

Allow us to help elevate your organization to its full potential.

  Suppose you were convinced that there are ways for us to increase the ambient human intelligence worldwide, one person at the time. The people benefiting from this would avoid many of the avoidable mistakes, achieve more success and live a much richer life.  This ground breaking study, 25 years in the making now makes this possible.  For a better understanding of this concept please read the outline of the Scientific Principles.  There you will be introduced to this subtle growing imbalance in the human mind that results from the contrasting natures of the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts.  Our primitive instincts are a drag on our advancing intellect.  We show you how to defuse these mental forces, free your intellect from the tight grip of your instincts, boost your intelligence and live a richer personal and professional life.  That is why we say, meet your mind and find your bliss.









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